Individual and Society: A Study of Male Characters in the Novels of Anita Desai

Gazala Ansari


This research paper focuses on the male character of Anita Desai. She is a prominent writer; focuses not only at her female characters but her male characters have same values. Her study shows a deep psychology of her characters. The novel ‘cry the peacock’ shows a tragic trauma of Maya, but it is created by her husband Gautama, the same way Sita get trouble due to the involvement of male character in ‘Where Shall We Go This Summer?’. Deep neurotic trauma is revealed by Nirode in ‘Voices in the City’. The elements of diasporic sensibility are reflected in the novel of ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’, ‘Journey to Ithaca’ and ‘Fasting Feasting’. ‘In Custody’ shows the trouble of Urdu fond professor and Baumgartner Bombay to a Jew. We will focus on the pathetic psyche of Eric and Ravi in ‘Zig Zag Way’ and ‘The Artist of Disappearance’


trauma, psyche, neurotic, diasporic sensibility etc.

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