Prevalence of Latent Tuberculosis among Prisoners; A Cross Sectional Study Conducted In A Jail of Pakistan

Sohail Sardar


Objective: To determine frequency of prisoners having pulmonary tuberculosis in latent phase.

Design and duration: This is a cross sectional study of observational type, completed in duration of 4 months.

Setting: Study was conducted in a central jail of Pakistan

Patients and methods: Study was conducted in a central jail of Punjab Pakistan, where all patients were evaluated for pulmonary tuberculosis. Permission was taken from jail administration before conducting the study. All cases in study group were divided into two groups group-A containing those who had spent more than 9 months in jail and in group-B which spent less than one month. After taking biodata like name, age, duration spent in jail, history was taken for any fever, cough or weight loss, previously had pulmonary T.B or not, history of smoking was asked as well. Digital chest X-ray postero-anterior view of chest showing both lungs were done for all cases in study group and diagnosis was established on the basis of X-rays. All data was properly documented and qanalyzed using micrososft office (version 2016) and SPSS software (version-20). Results were obtained in the form of frequencies, percentage and means and presented via tables and graphs.    

Results:  Total 90 cases were included in our study group. 50 were in group-A and 40 in group-B. There were 10 cases in group-A having latent tuberculosis and no patient found in group-B having latent tuberculosis. Ages of cases were 20-70 years with mean age of 38.5 years. Most of the cases were above 35 years of age.  Prevalence of latent tuberculosis among prisoners was found 11.1%.

Conclusion: Prisoners living in jail more than nine months duration are at high risk of having pulmonary tuberculosis and most of them are in latent phase. Short stay in jail has very low chance of infection.


Pulmonary tuberculosis, latent phase, chronic cough, Jail in Pakistan

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