A Study on Awareness and Usage of Electronic Information Resources Among the Undergraduate Students of Tripura

Sangita Debbarma


In the present era of Information Explosion and advancement of Information Communication Technology a numerous growth of information are rapidly increasing and changing the various field of educational process and giving educators new tools to transform teaching, learning. and promoting the students in achieving their academic, educational, and purposive  programmed. The present study looked towards  bringing the status of the mindfulness and use examples of electronic data assets among the understudies of Tripura. Thus, the study of the respondents  was drawn from  four different colleges of Tripura. The study strategy was utilized to gather information from the respondents. A structure questionnaire technique was adopted to gather the data from the respondents of each college. A total of 100 Questionnaire were being distributed to each selected college for data collection. The filled up questionnaire have been collected from the respondents of each colleges selected for the analysis and interpretation of data  using tables, graphs and percentage techniques was also adopted. Besides this some of the suggestion and recommendations were also brought forward by discussion to make the Electronic Resources more aware among the students by increasing their awareness on the Use and important of  electronic resources among the  undergraduate students.


Awareness; Electronic Resources; Undergraduate students; Tripura

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