Scar Endom Etriosis; A Rare Condition Found In Previous Cesarean Section Scar

Muhammad Bilal Chishti, Shahnila khizar, Muhammad Usman Rauf


A 30 year lady with history of previous three cesarean sections presented with pain in the area of previous healed scar from two years. On clinical examination there was a painful nodule under scar tissue. It was firm in consistency, irregular margins which becomes prominent during menstruation days. On ultrasonography a hypoechoic area was found. MRI was non-conclusive and on the basis of clinical examination and history diagnosis of scar endometriosis was made. Whole abnormal tissue was excised by local incision and biopsy sent for histopathology. On biopsy report endometrial glands were detected. This is a biopsy confirmed case of endometriosis on previous scar. Pathogenesis, presentation, diagnosis and modes of treatment have been mentioned below.


Endometriosis, scar endometriosis, incisional endometriosis,

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