Risk Factors of Burn and Mortality in Children

Dr. Sana Tariq, Dr. Uzma Arshed, Dr. Komal Varda, Dr. Muhammad Umer Arif, Dr. Rafia Zubair, Dr. Qura-tul-ain Iqbal, Dr. Khurram Khaliq Bhinder


Objective: To determine the risk elements connected with the patients with burns and the potential complexities which the patients experience.

Place and duration: The research was carried out from 12 September to 12 December 2017 at the Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Materials and Methods: The study group is consisted of 300 patients. Sample size selection for particular study, purposeful sampling is used. The completion of collection of data for the research took 3 months. The participants of the study are particularly the children from Lahore city from age 0-12 years.

Results: The cause of burns in 300 participants was accidental whereas there was two exception with suicidal cause. The patients who burnt out door were 54(18%), burnt indoors were 244(81.3%) and patients burnt on ship were 2(0.6%). Out of the total admission, 257(85.6%) patients had burnt 11-50% of total body area (the common category) and 11(3.6%) patients had 50-100% total body surface area burnt. The percentage of total body surface are burnt is considerable connected with the mortality (p=0.003) with 49(65.3%) mortality having total body surface area burnt 11-50%.

Conclusion: The percentage of total body surface area burnt is the most significant single indicator for mortality in the children.

Key Words:Burn, Children, Mortality, Risk Factors

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