Attributes of success and failure in medical postgraduates

Dr. Sana Tariq, Dr. Uzma Arshed, Dr. Komal Varda, Dr. Rafia Zubair, Dr. Qura-tul-ain Iqbal, Dr. Khurram Khaliq Bhinder



After passing FCPS-I training starts. It has 2 parts: initial 2 years training is chosen in major subjects which are General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics or General Surgery. An intermediate Module Exam is given after that. The remaining training can be continued in any of 169 specialties for further 2-3 years. After full 5 years of training and completing few compulsory requirements the candidate is eligible for exit exam FCPS-II. After passing this exam the candidate is awarded the FCPS degree.

The selection of candidates was random. Candidates who have passed FCPS-II in first attempt or more than one attempt in previous two years or are still attempting were asked to fill the questionnaire. It included questions regarding demographic details and attributes having dimensions, that is, locus, stability and controllability. Candidates were divided in 3 groups A, B, C including those who passed in 1st attempt, those who have passed and those who were still attempting respectively. Group B was further subdivided in B-I and B-II including those who passed in 3 attempts and those who passed in more than 3 attempts respectively. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS (version). Factors that might predict a candidate’s success were analyzed by chi-square logistic regression analysis.

Out of total 37 candidates 6 (16.2%) passed the exam in first attempt, 16 (43.2%) passed in more than one attempt and 15 (40.5%) were still attempting among group A.
The results of this study are quite clear that success can be obtained by focusing on some factors. Hardworking can make it possible to achieve success
Attributes, Success, failure, postgraduates, FCPS, medical students.

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