Incidence of Diabetes in Outdoor Patients presenting in Tertiary Care Hospital

Mamoona Baig, Umair Khan, Meenal Amir


Objective: The main aim of this study was focused on finding the incidence of diabetes in patients who presented in outdoor department of tertiary care hospital.

Study Design: Cross sectional.

Place and Duration of study: This study was carried out in Mayo hospital Lahore in a duration of 10 months from February 2019 to November 2019.

Materials and Methods: A total of 100 patients including both genders with age greater than 18 years were taken as part of this study. Digital Glucometer was used to find the random levels of blood sugar. Patients with the history of polyuria, polyphagia and polydipsia were included in this study. Pregnant females were excluded from our study. Informed consent was taken from all the patients. Ethical review committee approval was taken. A carefully designed proforma was used to collect the data which was then analyzed using SPSS V.20.

Results: In our study, there were 45 males and 55 females. Mean age was 36 years. Diabetes related symptoms were seen in 81% patients while 19% patients had no symptoms of diabetes. Among these patients 85% were found to be diabetic having BSR levels ≥126mg/dl while 15% were non-diabetic having BSR levels ≤126mg/dl. 145.97±22.02 mg/dl was the mean BSR seen in these patients. Among female patients it was 142.89±16.95 mg/dl while in male patients it was 152.85±23.94 mg/dl. 25% of the patients had positive family history.

Conclusion: From our study it was concluded that there is high incidence of diabetics among patients presenting in outdoor.


Random blood sugar, Diabetes mellitus, Outdoor

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