The Role Of Nutrition In The Developmental Processes Of Under-Five Kids In A South-Eastern Nigerian Community: Improving Nutrition Of Under-Five Kids Through Agriculture

Obijiofor E.O., Okpala O. P, Nnani P.C., Nwakile T.C.


The study sought to ascertain the role of good nutrition in the development processes of under-five kids in a South Eastern Nigerian Community by improving nutrition of under-five through agriculture. Four research questions were posed to guide the study. The study adopted survey research design and was carried out in Nsukka community of Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria. The population of the study was 135 lecturers. The entire population was studied since population was small and manageable. The instrument was face validated by seven experts who were lecturers in Departments of Early Childhood and Primary Education, Measurement and Evaluation and Agricultural Education. Data were collected using structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using mean and standard deviation as well as charts for interpretation. The result obtained revealed there were seven causes of malnutrition among under-five kids, eight effects of malnutrition among under five kids, six importance of good nutrition for under-five kids and six ways of enhancing good nutrition among under-five kids through agriculture.  Based on the findings, the study therefore recommended among others that; there is need for agricultural extension agents to teach rural farmers modern techniques needed for growing nutritious foods so that they can be self reliant and Nsukka Government should organize sensitization for parents within the Local Government on the dangers of under-5 kids malnutrition and its negative effects on the development process of the children


Nutrition, Under-Five Kids, Agriculture

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