Comparing the Levels of Low Density Lipoproteins with Incidence of Hemorrhagic and Ischemic Stroke

Mohsin Irshad Abbasi, Ahsan Ali Gaad, Zeeshan Murtaza


Objective: The main aim of this study was to find a correlation between levels of low density lipoproteins with hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out in a duration of 5 months from June 2019 to October 2019 in medical units of Jinnah Hospital Lahore.

Materials and Methods: A total of 310 patients were selected for this study. Both genders were included in this study between the ages of 20 to 70 years. Diagnosis of hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke was made on the basis of CT scan. Levels of low density lipoproteins were calculated via venous samples collected carefully after overnight NPO for 8 hours and then sent to a reliable laboratory for analysis. Relatable information like confidence variables including hypertension, fasting BSR>110, diastolic blood pressure>90mmHg, systolic blood pressure>140, and levels of low density lipoproteins are specifically indicated. Results of all the patients were used to measure the means LDL levels and then compared with the patients having hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke. Informed consent was taken from the relatives of the patients. Hospital ethical committee approval was taken. Data was collected on a carefully designed proforma and then analyzed using SPSS version 20.

Results: In our study, patients between the ages of 20-50 years were 132 (41.25%) and patients between the ages of 51-70 years were 188 (58.75%). Mean and standard deviation was 47.65 + 5.32 years. In our study, male patients were 199 (69.19%) and female patients were 121 (37.81%). Hemorrhagic stroke was found in 31 (9.69%) while ischemic stroke was found in 290 (90.31%). Comparison of serum low density lipoproteins levels with ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke showed 98.65 +3.76 in hemorrhagic stroke while 127.21 + 34.31 was seen in cases of ischemic stroke.

Conclusion: Results of our study show that ischemic stroke is more likely to occur with increasing levels of low density lipoproteins as compared to hemorrhagic stroke. To reduce the chances of ischemic stroke statins like atorvastatin must be to control the levels of low density lipoproteins.


stroke, low density lipoproteins, intracerebral hemorrhage

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