Rebuilding Confidence to Travel during Pandemic: A Study examining Initiatives taken by Hotels

Aditya Sharma, Rahul Bora


Background: The pandemic of coronavirus still continues to pose a great challenge and an issue of concern for the entire world. The outbreak of the disease has led to great inconveniences for every industry. Tourism & Hospitality Industry is no different from the others. There have been complete restrictions of movement of people due to the lock down enforced for controlling the spread of the disease which has led to huge economic losses and loss of jobs. But now due to the unlock process the restriction are now being eased step by step. The authorities have now opened way for domestic tourism with some guidelines for the travel. Despite the devastating impact on tourism, consumption expectations for the post-coronavirus stage provide a glimmer of hope for the sector. Hence, the present study attempts to explore various innovative steps and initiatives taken by hotels to welcome guests in times of pandemic and post-pandemic. 

Objectives: The present study is an investigation of various new steps and initiatives formulated and practiced by hotels  during the time of corona virus and for post- pandemic times. 

Methodology: The study adopted a qualitative research design in which data collection was done through an overview of relevant literature from sources such as the hotels’ website, reports and other hospitality websites. Findings: The finding of the study revealed that every hotel brand is working towards formulating, improving and upgrading their existing standards and norms with respect to the cleanliness & hygiene of the hotel in all spheres. Also, it was observed that hotels are also taking up collaboration and certification from various renowned certification agencies of the world. Conclusion: Presently every hospitality brand is working in various dimensions, through various practices to rebuild confidence among guests to come and stay with them. It is also recommended that the communication of the initiatives taken by hotels can only be done through enhanced marketing and advertisement of these initiatives so that they reach out to the maximum guests which will help in regaining confidence to travel and staying in the hotels not only for important work but also for leisure purposes.




Keywords: Coronavirus, Hospitality, Hotels, Initiatives, Tourism.

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