Effectiveness of moist heat and dry heat application on healing of episiotomy wound

Yashashri Subhash Pore


The purpose of the study is to assess effectiveness of moist heat (Sitz bath) and dry heat (infra red light) application on healing of episiotomy wound.Healing of episiotomy is assessed with REEDA scale parameters redness, edema, ecchymosis, discharge and approximation, before and after each application of moist heat and dry heat (30 dry heat and 30 moist heat).Findings of the study revealed that both methods of treatment i.e. moist heat and dry heat were effective in healing of episiotomy wound. The application of moist heat showed greater effect on Edema and Redness whereas it was less effective for Ecchymosis, Discharge and Approximation.The application of dry heat shows equal effect on Redness and Edema, where as it is less effective on Ecchymosis, Discharge and Approximation.The study concludes that the REEDA scale score was higher before treatment but after treatment REEDA scale score was decreased. The comparative difference between moist heat and dry heat showed statistically significant however dry heat proved to be more effective than moist heat.


Moist heat, dry heat, Healing of episiotomy

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