A Critique on Indian Rural Studies

Raveesh S.


The extension of human hunger for knowledge is also extends its root to the domain of rural studies. Attempts are moving ahead across the globe to understand the structure and functioning pattern of village community. India, the land of villages is not lagging behind in this race. Good number of attempts has been made by socio-anthropologists to understand the diversified Indian villages. But the primary focus of our rural studies continued to be the institutions of caste, family, kinship and religion. Even though the village picture shifted from book view which barrowed from classical Hindu scripture to authentic field view, understand the rural scenario as a whole through an Indigenous way is lagging in our rural studies. One can easily identify the shadow of western influence on Indian rural studies. Indian rural studies are failed to identify the rural problems and come out with appropriate solutions to tackle the problems. This piece of writing is going to criticize the early rural studies in one hand, on the other hand it emphasizes on the present day need towards Indian village studies.


Indian Rural Studies; Rural Studies, Indian Studies

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