Declining Child Sex Ratio in Jammu and Kashmir: a Study

zubair nazeer


One of the important issues in the developing countries is the issue of declining child sex ratio. India also faces this challenge. The child sex ratio (under-6 years) in India as per 2011 Census is 919 females for every 1,000 males, indicating a continuing preference for male children over females. The female sex ratio was more favourable in the last census and it was 927. The sex composition by age group especially the 0-6 years is vital for studying the demographic trends of child population, its future patterns and particularly, the status of the girl child. The child sex ratio in Haryana and Punjab is the lowest among the states. Jammu and Kashmir has seen the most precipitous drop, 82 points, in its child sex ratio. As per the Census 2011, sex ratio of the population in the age group 0-6 years is registered as 862, in Jammu and Kashmir, declining from 964 of 2001Census. The current study is undertaken to understand the various factors that are responsible for this decline in the state of Jammu &Kashmir. It also tries to study the relation between child sex ratio and education and child sex ratio and violence on a comparative basis.


child sex ratio, education, conflict, jammu and kashmir

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