Drug trafficking in South Asia: a case study on Bangladesh.





South Asia is sandwiched between the "Golden Triangle" and the "Golden Crescent". Bangladesh is a member of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. Geographically Bangladesh located at the heart of the three drug producing regions: In the East of Golden Triangle; In the North of the Golden Wedge; and In the West, across India, the Golden Crescent. Bangladesh is the main transit point for heroin trafficking  to Europe from Southeast Asia. Normally three routs used for trafficking of heroin into Bangladesh.In some districts in Bangladesh cannabis is still now cultivated. Bangladesh is the signatory of all the three U.N conventions on drug abuse and trafficking; and also the signatory of the "SAARC Convention on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances,1990". So Bangladesh is bound to maintain the rules of those conventions. Bangladesh is not believed to manufacture any narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances illicitly. Bangladesh does not manufacture any substance listed in Table I and Table II of the 1988 of the U.N Convention other than sulphuric acid and acetic acid. It imports a number of precursors for use in domestic industry. Bangladesh enacted anti-money-laundering legislation in 2002 because of increasing money laundering. Bangladesh enact some national legislation to stop the use and sale of the narcotic drugs. The supply reduction policy in the country is based on the Narcotics Control Act,2002. Bangladesh is considered a “low prevalence, high risk situation” for HIV/AIDS. In  Bangladesh drug use  is considered a treatable condition rather than a criminal offence.



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