Business correspondence – need for English in the 21st century

Shakeela Noorbasha


           Business Correspondence is the part of business communication, which deals with the written communication between businesspersons, which is necessary for their business transaction. It is also called commercial correspondence. This correspondence facilitates the transaction of business. Business belongs to the area of written communication. Communication, particularly written communication, has always been an important part of business in the 21st century. In the current business environment, the concept of Globalization in business environment has underlined the importance of communication in English and foreign languages.

        The aim of this paper is to say that the first function of business correspondence is to provide contact between persons involved in business transaction without meeting each other in person.       Professional students should have the ability to write effectively. Written communication is one of the best and old methods of communication. Business correspondence consists mainly of letters and depends on written, typed or word processor printed letters or those sent and received by fax and e-mail. Thus Business Correspondence is the need for English in the 21st century.

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