Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Ethephon Induced Gum Exudation in Acacia nilotica

Abhishek Raj


The gum tapping was done by chemical method in January to June 2014. The ethephon (2-chloroethylphosphonic acid) 39% was used in various dilution. In Acacia nilotica it was used in two trade names i.e., E-Super and ethrel @ 39% diluted 100 times 0.39% @ 4ml and 2ml in to south direction, commencement of treatments in different trees were done since January to June and observed that 4ml E-Super (0.39% ethephon) was significantly effective to produce high quantity of gum in the month of May in Acacia nilotica (33.32 g/plant). The gum yield was positively correlated with tapping intensity, rainfall, and minimum and maximum temperatures at tapping time, and negatively correlated with tapping time, and minimum and maximum temperatures at gum collection.


Acacia nilotica, temperature, relative humidity, gummosis.

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