Rainfall Data variation analysis and Environmental impact of Rainfall trend on Meghnagar Groundwater Resource of Pat River Basin, Jhabua Tribal District, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Vinod Bhuriya, Pramendra Dev


Rainfall data variation analysis and Environmental impact on Meghnagar Groundwater Resource of Pat River Basin, Meghnagar area, situated in Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh, India, has been incorporated. The rainfall data for a period of 25 year (1989 to 2013) have been subjected to both mathematical and statistical techniques. Mathematical analysis of rainfall data indicates a good variation of rainfall range from 380 mm to 1509 mm, with an annual average value of 889.508 mm. The departure and cumulative departure from average annual rainfall reveals positive and negative trends. The statistical analysis of rainfall data of the Meghnagar study area indicates values of mean (912 mm), median (925 mm), mode (1166.66 mm), standard deviation (325.2 mm), coefficients of dispersion (0.356), coefficients of variation (35.6), coefficients of skewness (-0.039) and (-0.783). The results of rainfall data analysis suggest encouraging trend of rainfall for the recharge of groundwater system by launching program of construction of artificial recharge structures for the augmentation of groundwater resource by the implementation of rainwater harvesting system and a forestation scheme with a view to resolve the current problems of sustained water supply in habitants of Meghnagar tribal region of the Indian sub-continent.  


Rainfall data analysis, Environmental impact, Groundwater Resource, Meghnagar, Pat River Basin, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, and India

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