A descriptive study to assess prevalence of depression among geriatric group (age 60 years and above)

Shubhada Kale


The purpose of this study is to assess the prevalence of depression among geriatric group (age 60 years and above) in selected urban slums. A descriptive survey design was used for this study. The tool used for data collection consisted of Geriatric Depression Scale.  Findings of the study revealed that,the majority i.e. 70% of the geriatrics were having poor depression score (0-5), 29% of the geriatrics were having average depression score (6-10) and only 1% geriatrics had good depression score (11-15).  There was a significant difference seen in depression score and marital status i.e. depression score was high in unmarried subjects, occupation i.e. depression score was high in unemployed subjects, economic status i.e. depression score was high in dependent subjects in this study.


prevalence, depression, geriatric

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