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Sarojini Naidu was one of the most lyrical poets in Indian English poetry .She started writing poetry at the age of eleven years in 1890 .At the age of thirteen, She wrote a long poem of 1300 lines called The lady of the lake in six days only. Her poetry is pictorial has the romantic clouring and smooth rhythms of the Georgians and shows perfect mastery over her chosen medium. She achieves success in the handling of Indian imagery and the expression of Indian personality. Her Indian weavers, corn Grinders and such other poems are noted for their rhythmic flow and characteristic Indian imagery. The poems she wrote on her 14th birthday show that she is much more mature and serious than is usual for a girl of her age. The death of her father gave a profound shock to her and the lyric she composed on that occasion shows further maturity and shattering awareness of the transistorizes of human life. She is a singer of India’s glory, India’s present, India’s flora and fauna. The western critics would categories her with Shelly and Keats. It was Edmund Gosse who encouraged her to undertake to write on Indian themes and subjects .Her poetic output is slender, but even this slender volume consists of lyrics which would last as long as the English language lasts. She has attempted every species of the lyric, as hymns, ode elegy, sonnet, and has achieved excellence in each. Her poems are characterized by simplicity beauty, spontaneity, music and melody. She exhales a lyric as flower exhales fragrance and poems come to her as spontaneously and naturally as do leaves to a tree. Her poetry is lyric cry of joy and sorrow, Zeal and emotion marked with perfect fusion of thought and expression, through her range is not very wide, she is intensely lyrical.


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