Changing Land use Pattern around Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant

Swati Mandal


Land use is a dynamic component which changes with time. The pattern and rate of this change vary from place to place depending on the location of the place and nature of changing agent. A coal based power plant change the local landuse directly or indirectly through acquisition of land to different types of activities performed during generation of electricity. It requires vast amount of land for the development of plant, township, rehabilitation colony, ash disposal pond, rail track etc. Later on, new railway, road way, market complex, educational institution, ancillary industry like cement manufacturing plant, brick fields come up centering the plant. All these lead to changes in land use pattern. In this paper an attempt has been done to find out the changes in the main landuse pattern around the Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant that was developed at the bank of Rupnarayan River in Medinipur District (West Bengal) during 1980s.


Kolaghat, Thermal Power Plant, Impact, Land Use Pattern

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