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organization or business .their skills, creativity ,ability human cannot be replaced by machines .we can loss efficiently in work if no qualitative people. at all levels and areas of the business or firm human efficiency is required with machine but machine can’t .hence, industry like advertising and direct marketing for instance human talent is more valuable among other else. No machine can ever come up with a unique advertising idea without the human input .thus companies must learn to recognize and appreciate the value of their employees. It is worth and capital investment. that is why firms also need to search people those are on capital investment along with capital (money)while many entrepreneurs are focused on securing capital they have to make suite they want to attract investor create value and maximum wealth. Solid management team in what set a company apart with venture capitalists .this paper reviews the contribution of human resource to an organization and its valuation, thereof. a detailed analysis is made of the main costs related to human resources from the points of view of external and internal 9or managerial) accounting in regard to an Indian scenario


main costs related to human resources from the points of view of

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