“Impact of E-commerce on Indian Market: Social and Economic impact”

Shebazbano Salim Khan


As 1991, once economic reforms unambiguously obtain place in India as a result of opening-up of the economy with an analysis to incorporate itself with the global economy, they require to assist international deal both during policy and procedure reform has become the base one of India’s trade and fiscal policies.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) as part of the information technology insurrection became broadly use in the world deal in general and Indian economy in exacting.

The Paper discovers the economic and social impact of e-commerce. E-commerce is currently rising at 30% .shopping site eBay Inc. is growing at 60%. The number of customers of the company has augmented from one million users to 2.5 million in India in the last four years. Some of the popular imported items imported by Indians include home decor, branded and unbranded apparel, accessories, and technology products like laptops.


Inclination in E Commerce, Role of Government, E-commerce, MSE, BTAD.

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