Bimanual and Bisexual variation of distal phalangeal creases among Lodhis of Sagar district, (MP), India.

Anjali 0 Pandey, Anjali 0 Pandey


The present study is concern with the various modes of phalangeal creases in their Bimanual and Bisexual distribution thus providing the trends of phalangeal creases and their position relationship with bisexual variability of distal phalangeal creases among Lodhis of Sagar district (MP), India. The basis of the study was 102 males and 102 females unrelated individuals of Lodhis. For taking palm prints and for the analysis of phalangeal creases the method is prescribed by Bali (1980) is fully followed. The values in this study are of qualitative in nature, so the statistical interpretation of the data has been made by means of the chi-square test. The result shows significant bisexual and bimanual variation of medial phalangeal creases among Lodhis.

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