Linking Green Marketing with Corporate Social Responsibility: A critical Analysis of Home Appliances

Sachin kumar


In this globalized era, where everyone is conscious of his/her health using consumable or non-consumables, green products are in great demand. Green Marketing (GM) is an emerging dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Eco-friendly products of home appliance companies are attracting the Indian customers. The rise in electricity bills is one of the major causes. Besides reduction in the electricity bills these home appliance products are claimed to be environmentally friendly and health caring.

Various home appliance companies operating in India display their visions and mission statements concerned to CSR, and GM through their respective websites. Whether the claims of companies about CSR are accurate and what is being displayed on the websites are concerned with CSR or not; formulates a new concept for the study. All this information can be analyzed by visiting the websites of home appliance companies. Eight famous home appliance companies have been selected for the study. The web sites of these companies have been visited for their commitment, involvement and necessary measures taken for achieving CSR. Almost all the home appliance companies were found committing to GM and sustainability as a part of their CSR programs. The websites of these companies also display the necessary steps these companies have been following for CSR, GM and sustainability. This study will be beneficial for marketers in implementing the new strategies related to CSR & GM and for customers in raising their personal awareness about the benefits of using eco-friendly products.


Green Marketing, corporate social responsibility, green, environment friendly

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