A Study of Women’s Employment and Its Social Effects on Their Families in 2012

Mahin Maleki


The present research is about the social effects of women’s employment on families in the city of Khalkhal. This study applies assessment survey. Measurement tools of this study are questionnaires; and for distribution of the questionnaires, simple random sampling has been applied. The statistical society of the research is comprised of 250 members including employed women, housewives and men. For analyzing and evaluation of data, we applied SPSS, and for determining the sample sizes, Cochran Formula was utilized. The results show that women’s employment has meaningful relationships with housework division, decision-making ability, number of children, educational progress of children, and their sociability; among these factors, the relationship between women’s employment and educational progress of children i.e. 68% is the highest observed value.


women’s employment, family, work division, social effects, decision-making ability, educational progress

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