Comparison of two short-term of weight and plyometric training on vertical jump of young female basketball players

Ahmad Hematfar


Background: In recent years to improve the power, methods and various training programs conducted including plyometric exercises can be cited. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of plyometric on the vertical jump is a young female basketball players.

 Methodology: A quasi-experimental study sample consisted of 16 young female basketball players were  voluntarily and purposefully and like to participate in this research project randomly assigned to three groups and than randomaly 8 persons selected for  each group. control group mean (height: 158/4  4.4 Weight: 48/5  2.8 age: 11/46  2.8) and plyometric mean (Height: 156/7  3.4, weight: 46 3.1 , age: 11/51 + 1.8), and weight training mean (Height: 157/7  3.4, weight: 47 3.8 , age: 11/95 + 3.8),respectively. Plyometric exercises and selected independent variables and the dependent variable was the vertical jump. Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis using ANOVA.

Results: A short-term plyometric jump on the vertical subjects had significant impact (Sig =.0001 ; t= 7.67).

Conclusion: plyometric exercises  by  the progress of  the maximum strength in Basketball players have a significant effect on vertical jump, It can be inferred that this improvement was  likely due to the strong leg muscles and instantly increase energy resources.


Plyometric exercises, vertical jump, girls basketball player.

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