An Overview of Software Cost Estimation Models

Suvarna R. Jagtap


To date most work carried out in the software cost estimation field has focused on  algorithmic cost modeling. In this process, costs are analysed using mathematical formulae linking costs or inputs with metrics to produce an estimated output. The formulae used in a formal model arise from the analysis of historical data. The accuracy of the model can be improved by calibrating the model to your specific development environment, which basically involves adjusting the weightings of the metrics. There are a variety of different models available, the best known are Boehm's COCOMO[BOEHM-81], Putman's SLIM , and Albrecht's' FP [ALBR-83].This paper takes an overview of various Software Cost Estimation  Models used widely for software project cost  estimation.


algorithmic cost model; metrics; COCOMO; SLIM; FP

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