Women Empowerment: A Boom for Socio-Economic Development in India

veena keragudu papaiah



Women empowerment is a significant tool for the development and sustainability of the economy and it also has an impact on the progress of the society and community in order to bring women to the main stream for the development of economy by the government. The policy makers are recognizing some of the factors such as marginalization of women through reduction in poverty, increase in productivity, enhance competition and growth etc. This paper is mainly aims at gender composition in India and also focuses distribution of total employment, poverty ratio in India. The significance of women empowerment has been considered as prospective, quality and maturity of a country’s socio-economic growth. Empowering women also leads to the economic growth, providing employment opportunities, rise in per capita income, poverty reduction rate, socio-economic development and status of women in political participation etc. In India, the constitution has framed to provide the fundamental rights for women regarding equality, social justice and protection against violence. Still there is an existence of discrimination and inequalities in various sectors of the country. Hence, the concept of women empowerment has gaining importance; therefore several studies are conducted with an aim to know the status of women empowerment. Thus, the present study conducted with a purpose to examine the mainstream of economic development through empowerment of women to achieve sustainable development in India.




Key words: Economic Development, Women Empowerment, Poverty Ratio, Productivity, Employment.

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