Attitudes of Teacher Towards Library Resources and Services in Pharmaceutical Colleges / Institutions in Ganjam District, Odisha.

Bamudi Bijay Kumar Patra


In pharmaceutical educational system, libraries play a pivotal role in the teaching and learning process. It also helps policymakers, planners and other social groups to access, retrieve and utilize data to their respective fields. Educational system is a knowledge industry under service sector with the entire globe as a market where every individual works for profit making. Although, there is substantial growth of pharmacy education in the state towards the promotion and development of pharmaceutical education. The standard of library and their resources and services are not up to the mark. Proper use of library facilities and services are not encouraged. Evaluates the use of the resources and services of pharmaceutical colleges in Ganjam District in Odisha. A survey of 42 faculty members from the three colleges conducted through a questionnaire. The collected data covers the use of library resources, services, physical facilities provided by college authority. Concludes that the main intension for the use of library have been the academic interest of the faculty.


Library Resources; Library Services; Physical Facilities; E- Resources; Teachers Attitudes.

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