A Survey of Existing Infrastructure Facilities and Financial Support for Physical Education and Sports in Narsinghpur District

Kavita Verma


The purpose of the study was to make a survey of the existing infrastructural facilities and financial support for physical education and sports in Narsinghpur District of Madhya Pradesh State in India. It was assessed in accordance with the standards laid down in the National plan of physical Education proposed by Government of India. The study was conducted by administrating a questionnaire to the sports administrators, coaches, and sports personality of Narsinghpur District of Madhya Pradesh State in India. The research scholar distributed the 78 questionnaires to 78 individual administrators and sports personality. The investigators put the collected data in tables for assessment of the existing infrastructure facilities and financial support in accordance with the standards prescribed by National plan of physical Education only. The average was calculated for analyzing the data.  Percentage analysis was applied as statistical procedure for this study.The finding the study reveals that respondent selected belongs different types of management mainly are government. The study shows that availability of playing area is small, maximum numbers of Volleyball courts available, no swimming pool and gymnasium hall in Narsinghpur District. There are also no special facilities for physically handicapped person, no physical education facilities available for elementary school children, few or no equipment are available. no research center or fitness center under government organization, It is regretful that government attitude towards development of new sports facilities are below satisfactory mark. The study further shows that grant from the government are very less. Source of income for the players are very less particularly Narsinghpur District , and the Budget for sports literature books and video are most unavailable.


Infrastructure, Facilities, Personnel

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