Feminist Orientations in Postmodern American Literature

Saad Jumaa Farhan


American postmodern poets and authors of fictional writings  write within and against the dual Anglo – American oral and written traditions . The poet either goes along with or against the disparity between Anglo – American myths and modern American reality in a sense their poetry has become more global and has been a renewed quest for some kind of pattern in its development and interest .What is raised here in this study in specific manifestation is the influence of Post – Modernity in the sense of gender, and in the interpretation of psychoanalytic theory for determination of Feminist Literary practice . In the Feminist phase,women are historically enabled to reject being behind . A generation of New Women defined the women's artistic role in terms of responsibility to suffering. It is useful to start by considering what is meant by Modernism. In relation to modernism , there can be seen as an emphasis on fundamental thinking , on the feasibility of objective knowledge and criteria which can be disconnected from its historical, social, and cultural context, and on the possibility of discovering the truth of a situation. There is emphasis on universality and on large – scale grand narratives or macro theories which are seen to be all embracing and encompassing. Postmodernist thought emphasizes diverse forms of individual and social identity where pluralism, contingency, variety, contradiction and ambivalence replace certainty, facts , objective positions and polarization of opposites .


Post American Literature; Americn Literature; English Literature; Feminist Literary; New Women; Modernism

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