Vol 8, No 1 (2020)


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A Clinical study to evaluate the effect of Siddha internal medicine and External therapy in the management of Kumbavatham (Periarthritis). PDF
B.Shalini arun
To determine the incidence of Anemia in the active stage of labor PDF
Nawal Munir, Kanza Farrukh, Maleeha Iftikhar
Psychological State Of Mothers During Post-Partum Period PDF
Kanza Farrukh, Nawal Munir, Maleeha Iftikhar
Clinical evaluation of siddha medicine along with varmam theraphy in the management of Balavatham (Brachial plexus palsy) children. PDF
B.Shalini arun
First Aid Therapy Given At Home In Case Of Burn Injuries PDF
Taimoor Hassan, Ayma Khan, Rabeea Mahmood
Incidence Of Types Of Burns Among Patients Of Burn Care Units Of Tertiary Care Hospitals Of Islamabad PDF
Ayma Ayma Khan, Taimoor Hassan, Maryam Khalil
A Study Of Hemotological Profile In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis At Tertiary Health Care Institutes PDF
Siddiqa Ahmed Khan, Maryam Khalil, Ayesha Mustafa
Study About Renal Profile In Patients Of Chronic Kidney Disease Undergoing Hemodialysis PDF
Rabeea Mahmood, Siddiqa Ahmed Khan, Ayesha Mustafa
Incidence of Hyperuricemia Related Backache in Patients among General Population PDF
Sofia Ali Sana, Ariba Shafiq Chishti, Ayesha Ashraf
Incidence of Abdominal Tuberculosis in Patients Presenting With Peritonitis PDF
Maryam Hafeez, Muniba Kanwal, Alveena Masood, Marium Faiz
Ischemic Stroke and Increased Homocysteine Level PDF
Ayesha Ashraf, Ariba Shafiq Chishti, Sofia Ali Sana
Frequency of associated complications with colostomy reversal PDF
Muniba Kanwal, Maryam Hafeez, Alveena Masood, Marium Faiz
Gastroesophageal reflux disease PDF
Sadia Javed, Muhammad Arif Anwar, Hafiza Bakhtawar Abbass
Causes of Chronic kidney disease PDF
Muhammad Awais, Jawaria Ghazanfar, Sadia Javed
Impact of gestational and pre-gestational diabetes mellitus on the foetal heart PDF
Iqra Rashid, Ayesha Amin, Hafiza Fareeha Mushtaq, Muhammad Sa’d Masood
Diabetic ketoacidosis and its outcome in children PDF
Iqra Rashid, Ayesha Amin, Hafiza Fareeha Mushtaq, Muhammad` Sa’d Masood
Surgical site infections and affiliated factors in individuals taking general surgeries PDF
Usama Amin, Muhammad Asim, Iqra Nawaz, Amina Zubair
Paediatric femur fractures and long leg splinting PDF
Usama Amin, Muhammad Asim, Iqra Nawaz, Amina Zubair

Social Science & Humanities

The Negative Economic Impacts of Myanmar Immigrant Workers in Trang Province, Thailand PDF
Tunwarat Kongnun’s
Interpersonal intelligence of students with disabilities and their impact on social interaction: a case study in Universiti Utara Malaysia PDF
Arhamdy Wirahadikusumah
Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy: Lessons from the Past PDF
Rashid Mushtaq Bhutta
Exploring Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, Customer Focus, and Organizational Performance PDF
Aldosari Salem, Hartini Ahmad, Hazlinda Hassan
Conditions and Problems of Development and Inheritance of Thai Song Dam Wisdom Can Be Divided Into Past and Present PDF
Tunwarat Kongnun’s
An Assessment of the Contribution of Value Added Tax (Vat) To Economic Growth in Nigeria PDF
Ahmad Garba Basakkwace
The Association Between Emotional Intelligence and Work Engagement in Frontline Nursing PDF
Mohammad A Tohemer
Early Development of Uṣūl al-Fiqh: A study of the period of the Prophet (ṢAAS) and his Ṣaḥābah PDF
Suhail Showkeen
An Analytical Study of Demonetization PDF
Omid Attayi
’आधुनिक ख्रिस्ती लेखकांचे विचार’ PDF
Vishwas Walavi

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