Vol 7, No 11 (2019)


Table of Contents


Russians’ Reaction to Post-Soviet Kazakhstan Nation-building Policies PDF
Kammuanmung Thangniang
Comparing various chelation therapies in thalassemia patients PDF
Akif Ali Khan, Shazmeera Urooj, Salman Ahsen
Comparing use of nitroglycerine and nifedipine for preterm labour patients PDF
Akif Ali Khan, Shazmeera Urooj, Salman Ahsen
Frequency of Abnormal Menstrual Cycles Associated with Raised BMI PDF
Bakht Bilal, Ali Mustafa, Fatima Anwaar Khan
Assessment of Sensitivity Pattern of Tuberculosis in Response to 1st Line Anti Tuberculosis Drugs. PDF
Ammar Shafiq, Ali Mustafa, Bakht Bilal
Complications of Spinal Anesthesia PDF
feroza Gul, Tayyaba Irfan, Humaira Bashir

Social Science & Humanities

A Chronicle of Banner Art in Hyderabad PDF
Priti Samyukta, Nirmala Biluka
Flipped Classroom Strategy in Teaching Technical Writing PDF
Jopet Vincent Besenio Medalla, Lemi Laurinaria Villoso
The Factors Of Brand Loyalty In Malaysian Automobile Industry PDF
Khaled Ali Ahmed Alfakih, Ummi Naiemah Saraih, Jamal Mohammed Alekam
The Prospects for China-Africa Cooperation under the Framework of the United Nations Security Council Reforms PDF
Meshach Ampwera
The impact of access to finance in boosting agricultural performance of small and medium farmers: Literature review PDF
Abubakar Mayaki, Madya Kadzrina binti Abdul Kadir, Emy Ezura A. Jalil
Risk factors of Lower back pain; A very common problem in Pakistani community PDF
Ahsan Moeid, Hafiz Muhammad Usman Ali, Erum Shahzad
Narrative Inquiry: A Method in ELT Researches PDF
Gopal Prasad Pandey

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